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Our Car Park is situated at the end of Kington Way, B33 8PU

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* Can all parents note that doors will open promptly at 9am, 12pm, 1pm and 4pm. Please ensure a prompt arrival for your child's session 


Toybox Day Nursery offers free childcare spaces!

All 3 to 4-year-olds in England can get free early education or childcare.

Call 0121 244 3176 for additional information 

Learning through experience!

There's always something exciting going on at Toy Box Day Nursery.

A safe and natural environment, just for your child!

 Preparing your child, in a fun and challenging way. 


Outdoor learning experiences often create lifetime memories whilst at the same time provide much more depth to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum by creating a more sensory and stimulating learning enviroment.

Our Forest Garden concept is an ideology of offering wonderful experiences to children by allowing them to take risks in a safe and secure environment.  The Forest Garden is used to implement the various elements of the EYFS. The use of the Forest Garden, with its natural resources, allows children to explore free expression alongside structured learning. Through the experiences of learning firsthand the life cycle of animals and plants, whilst eating fresh fruit handpicked by the children develops their understanding holistically and teaches children in ways that initiates conversations, deepens their understanding of the world, strengthens their physical development and much more.

The wonderful confidence and self-esteem benefits that playing and learning outside in a woodland environment bring, with the idea that children’s’ social and independence skills increase tremendously when they spend time with small groups of children their own age.  

We are  Continuously looking to develop ourselves. We have lots of ideas about the new things to add to the Forest Area. We will keep you posted by posting all the new changes right here!



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